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Stepper motor speed control and torque control difference

Release date:2015-05-14Views:3665

From the perspective of control, the speed control and torque control is independent control function.

The target is the physical quantity speed control stepper motor speed, the target physical quantity torque control torque of stepping motor.

From the point of view of the principle of control and speed control is on the speed actual value for the closed-loop control, the speed regulator is in closed state, through its output to guide current regulator, by the current regulator to control the stepper motor current, thus timely regulates the stepper motor torque, the stepper motor always tracking the stepping motor speed setting.

Velocity model is that the frequency converter to control the step motor speed for the purpose, this time stepping motor torque must be to keep up the pace of the adjustment. So the control system and a ring of speed, the inner current loop. Output speed loop current loop is given (torque given), also known as the torque loop current loop.

Torque mode refers to the frequency converter is to control the stepper motor output torque for the purpose, the size and speed of the external load size related. The general inverter speed loop, current loop only, given directly to the external current loop as torque setting. In order to prevent speeding, many high-end inverter with speed outer loop overspeed limit, which is a kind of enhanced type torque mode. At the same time, the speed loop only a limit to maximum speed, current loop still play a leading role. Mountain Club motor.