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Proper installation, use and maintenance of precision planetary gear

Release date:2015-05-14Views:2492

Precision planetary gear correct installation, use and maintenance of the reducer, is an important link to ensure the normal operation of machinery and equipment. Therefore, in the installation of planetary gear reducer, must be strictly in accordance with the following installation related matters, serious assembly.

The first step: confirmation of the motor and the speed reducer is intact and check the motor and the speed reducer is connected, the size of each part if there is a match.

The second step: unscrew the screws on the reducer flange lateral dust hole, adjustment system PCS clamping ring so that the side hole and the dust hole alignment, insert hexagon screw. Then, take the motor shaft key. Before installation should be motor input shaft, positioning lug boss and decelerating machine is connected with parts of the anti rust oil, wipe clean with a gasoline or zinc sodium and water.

The third step: the motor and reducer into natural connection. Connection must ensure decelerating machine output shaft with the output shaft of motor concentricity consistent and two lateral flange parallel so as to prolong the service life, and obtain the ideal transmission efficiency and low noise. In addition, the installation is prohibited by a strike, axial and radial force to prevent excessive damage to the bearing or gear. Must will be installed after tightening the bolts tightened again tightening bolt.

The fourth step: the speed reducer is installed after the hand rotation should be flexible, non card lag phenomenon. Before starting the fastening screw connection, no-load test shall be not less than 2 hours, the operation should be smooth, no impact, vibration, noise and leakage phenomenon, found that should be ruled out in a timely manner. Use should regularly check whether the loosening of the fastener, to ensure the normal operation.